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2011-11-29 14:31:45 by TheLameSauce

you're all so incredibly unique and wonderful. it makes me feel worthless.


2011-01-12 19:33:18 by TheLameSauce

too short

although, i'd probably accept it.

what is this?

2010-10-10 02:10:28 by TheLameSauce



2010-08-18 23:03:23 by TheLameSauce

they exist you queer little virgins.

stupid dog

2010-07-23 10:22:23 by TheLameSauce

my girlfriend's stupid dog chewed through my roommate's ps3 power and play controller charger. idiot dog.


2010-01-08 17:21:13 by TheLameSauce

on earth good will toward man.

lookin for love

2009-09-05 01:25:40 by TheLameSauce

in all the wrong places. looking for love.

but in all seriousness. women be hating.

i will break into a thousand glittering shards, and the glinting cries will be ignored by those that matter most. i will find your skin in the touch of others and as the refracting shards burrow in, they will grow callused and i will grow calloused. numb. you won't be the last. you're merely the most important. i was a person once. a romantic. a dreamer. i see the shades that are. i no longer believe in the color that straddles the peripheral of perception. you are the end as we end.


drink facilitates. i am alone, and i am angry. you blow in and out like the tide and i am supposed to sit like the beach, always off shore. i don't want to be the sand, to break apart as you thrash. i want to be the water. a part of you. and you're moving on and things are bright, and i'm still the dim. the rising sun hours. it's pathetic. it's sad. i'm pathetic and sad. but what should i do? i can't tell you anything you're the ex. and axe. we've split on the chopping block. it would just make me weaker, exasperate. but i can't let go. if you love someone let them grow. but i love me too.


2009-08-08 00:45:07 by TheLameSauce

i'm frothing for a lit portal. i've written for three mwc now, and it seems that i'm a very polarizing writer(with an agreement on writing as a talent, but thematically weak and cliched.) i have an idea for an overall book and if i could test the waters chapter by chapter over the medium of newgrounds, well, i think that would just be swell feedbackwise. so let's do this shit tom. come on now.

strawberry milk

2009-04-15 00:23:05 by TheLameSauce

better than chocolate milk.

EDIT i want to know your opinions on this matter you cousin fucking rejects. it's been at least a month.