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Rucklo - AAAAA Rucklo - AAAAA

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i think if robotic arms

got to listen to music whilst they slaved away on the assembly line. they would listen to this. happy birthday. aaaa.

Damn Your Shack (lucky) Damn Your Shack (lucky)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i dont get it

even with the shit recording you can make out that this is quality work. i don't have any qualms about saying that, although the death metal with humorous vocals thing isn't necessarily my bag. Far better than to be expected for free by some guy on the internet. Is this a common occurrence on newgrounds audio? its not some techno beat, so i vote zero? I wouldn't ask you to listen to my music because i know you'd hate it, but it seems like anything recorded live with real instruments, i.e. with a soul is abhorred and seen with undeserved antipathy. i'm just wondering if this is something to be expected and if i were to want accurate ratings of my musical excursions i should put them else where. Selfish review, but its obvious that you don't need someone to tell you that people here have highly under rated your work, sir. The guitar work soundly rings of hours of practiced fret work. It's nice and fast.

FUNKbrs responds:

The audio portal rating system has some open flaws in it, but since the main purpose of the audio portal is to provide royalty free music as opposed to promoting content, this is to be expected.

To get a fair rating... ha, no. NG users are uber cruel, even on the flash portal, and auto-blamming is to be expected. I get more of it because I'll ban a user, and every day of their ban they come around and downvote me. Whatever. Ozcar's got some great audio too, but you'll never hear it, because he got fed up and quit submitting.

The Ostrich (Acoustic Rock) The Ostrich (Acoustic Rock)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

good has a definite feel to it...which is why i used it in one of my movies...keep up the food work...